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웹디자인 가격은 고객님이 원하시는 웹사이트의 페이지와 디자인에 따라 가격이 달라 집니다.
자세한 웹디자인 가격을 원하시면 여기를 클릭하시거나  고객이 원하시는 웹사이트의 상세한 내용을 이 메일로 보내주시면  예산을 이 메일로 답장해 드립니다.

To arrive at a realistic estimate of what we would charge to create your site (or modify your existing site), we would need to discuss the following with you:

Functionality - what practical business function(s) you expect your website to play, whether that includes merely advertising, or educating your clients, etc. Some functions require much more development time (and money) than others, so these must be weighed against your available budget.

Web Site Design - what style and tone will best represent your business or organization? The answer to this question plays a key role in determining what it will take to project the right look and feel to your visitors. Strictly business? Stylish and artistic? Simple and elegant? Visually arresting?

Available Content - what do you already have in the way of advertising text and/or graphics, that can be effectively used (or reused) in a web-based format? Logos, photos, and other graphics that are already on hand can go far in keeping costs down. However, we gladly do graphic work and copywriting for the additional fee.

Web Development & Web Design Pricing

The cost of developing a web site depends on many factors including but not limited to:

  • the number of web pages
  • graphic design characteristics
  • animations and visual effects
  • extent of e-commerce and custom database programming
  • Internal search tool
  • advanced JavaScript, server-side, or other scripting
  • development of an affiliate programi

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