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Our Wedding Media Services

  • Video Editing
  • Video Shoots
  • Video to DVD-R
  • Video to QuickTime
  • Video On Web Page

When ever I hear about some one spending two or three thousand dollars on a wedding video, I often recommend to have a friend or family member shoot the video, then have the footage edited with a professional editing studio like us, Ovation Video. Save money by shooting your own wedding video footage, and have us edit it for you onto VHS or DVD so you can enjoy it for years to come. Another plus to having a family member shoot the wedding video is that many times a family member will know the people, guests, and personalities better than a hired professional videographer, so the wedding video you shoot yourself has more personality and meaning. Your guests will act more natural around a family member than a pro video guy.

We also convert Video to short 3 - 5 minute QuickTime movies so you can share your videos on line. We can burn the QuickTime videos to CD-R, or if you want we even put together simple web pages with all your QuickTime videos embedded in the page. That way any family member with internet access can share in your videos just by visiting the web page. If certain family members could not attend, this is the way to still share footage of your vows with them. When it comes time for kids, a web page with video is a great way to watch a little one grow up, even if Grandma lives 4000 miles away. With the video editing services provided by OvationVideo.com you can now easily send them a VHS, DVD, or a link to a web page, loaded with family memories. On DVD there is a wider flexibility to create chapters like "Bride gets ready, Groom before, Ceremony, Reception, and Thanks" from a main menu.

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